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Proteomic data analysis
Qlucore Omics Explorer
Date Created
2023-01-31 14:31:31
Date Updated
2023-01-31 14:35:47
Can I analyze proteomics data?
Yes, proteomics is the large-scale study of proteins, particularly their expression and physical properties. Commonly quantitative methods used in proteomics are specific panels, 2D gel, LC-MS and LC-MS/MS.

Typical key functionality are investigate any structure in data using variance filtering combined with PCA, perform statistical filtering using ANOVA to enhance results or generate a list of proteins that classifies data based on a selection of statistical tests: F-test, t-tests or regression.

There are different supporting documents available. This (How to analyze Olink data A.pdf goes through how to analyze data from the Olink panels.
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