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License Server not found
Qlucore Licenses
Date Created
2009-05-28 09:40:44
Date Updated
2021-12-17 15:12:51
Why can not Qlucore Omics Explorer find the license server?
If you have been able to access the license server before the first thing you should try is to restart your computer because the problem can be related to your network?

If this is the first time you shall access the license server it can be because of how the license server has been configured in your environment.

Please verify that the firewall on computer running the client (Qlucore Omics Explorer) allows traffic on port 6200.

If this does not help please submit a specific support question and we will help you. Please check the FAQ question "License Server Troubleshooting" to see what kind of information we normally need to help you with your problem.

The latest license server and documentation can be downloaded from www.qlucore.com/downloads if you have the appropriate access rights. Contact your contact person at Qlucore if you are unsure.
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