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Move a license
Qlucore Licenses
Date Created
2009-05-28 21:17:27
Date Updated
2016-07-05 09:17:41
How do I move a license from one computer to another or how do I change the user for a license.
The description below is applicable to single user licenses. For a floating license please see the License Server user manual.

The following steps are required to move a license (or change the user)
1. Start Qlucore on the computer where the license is active
2. Go to the menu item License->move
3. Save the disable receipt
4. Send the disablereceipt.txt and your name to license@qlucore.com
5. You will then receive a new license key for the new computer.
6. Start Qlucore on the new computer (to where the license shall be transferred) or on the same computer but logged in as the new user. If you do not have Qlucore installed on this computer then first install it.
7. Go to the License menu and select the Activation Key option
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